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Might’n Mow’em - Game Review

Might’n Mowem is a multi-player rogue-lite bullet hell PC game with added elements of play and earn. The game has some similarities to Vampire Survivors.

Might'n Mow'em Game Overview

A bullet hell rogue-lite game, Might'n Mowem bears some similarities to Vampire Survivors. You begin every run with very little power, and by killing enemies, you gain experience. As you advance in levels, you can select from a variety of skill trees that will increase your damage output and improve your defense. The enemies get tougher as the run goes on. If you make it through long enough, you could even run into a boss.

Might'n Mow'em runs for ten minutes at a time. However, finishing a run unscathed is more easily said than done! You will be encircled by hordes of crowds by the halfway point of a run. Your ability to endure will be put to the test by the survivor bounty. You'll unlock additional bounties the further you advance.

Levels of Survivor in Might'n Mow'em

Here are the three levels of Survivor:

  • First is Survivor (Bronze): Reach 2 minutes without dying.

  • Second, Survivor (Silver): Reach 5 minutes without dying.

  • Lastly, Survivor (Gold): Reach 10 minutes without dying.

You can definitely finish the bronze bounty without much assistance if you give it a couple runs. Since there aren't many enemies to kill at the start of the run, two minutes shouldn't be too challenging.

The Archer class is arguably the simplest to complete the bronze bounty with because its bow weapon will aim at enemies automatically. You should concentrate on raising your character's level and boosting your attack power in order to complete the silver and gold bounties. The Mage is a terrific pick for these runs because of its powerful fireball ultimate attack, which wipes out a whole column of enemies so you may sprint down it to grab all the experience.

You should generally concentrate on maxing up at least one weapon when it comes to upgrading pathways. When fully charged, the attack sword, fireball, and chaos bolts can do a ton of damage. Then, you need to add 1x Skull Ring to expand your experience collection area. This is crucial later in the game when the screen is more cluttered.

It is also quite helpful to have the Shockwave power at least 1-2 times. It knocks back enemies while dealing mild AOE damage, which is arguably even more significant. Similar assistance with close-range AOE damage can be had from 1-2x poison dagger.


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Best Game Review - Might’n Mow’em

Might’n Mowem is a multi-player rogue-lite bullet hell PC game with added elements of play and earn. The game has some similarities to Vampire Survivors.

Might’n Mow’em

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Might’n Mowem is a multi-player rogue-lite bullet hell PC game with added elements of play and earn. The game has some similarities to Vampire Survivors.

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